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Outside and Active: Share 5 Great Walks in the UK

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Outside & Active @BeOutsideBeActive have shared five great walks in the UK... guess where it features... The Peak District!!

Image taken from @BeOutsideBeActive

It includes the popular site of Mother Hill, also known as Mam Tor above the village of Castleton which can be seen from our campsite. This particular walk is great for those who want to adventure to some of the quieter and slightly less walked areas of the Peak District. Using a mixture of paths, tracks and quiet country lanes and includes walking the main ridge of Rushup Edge, this route takes you from Mam Tor to Old Dam & Sparrowpit before finishing back at Castleton.

See the article and route description below...

Five Great Walks in the UK Article:

Old Dam & Sparrowpit from Mam Tor Route Description (from Visorando)

There are lots of other great walks by Visorando that start from Edale including the Great Ridge, the iconic Winnats Pass, the Castleton Caves and of course Kinder Scout! See the links below for more...

P.S. please ensure you can read a map before setting off. Tell someone where you are going and take with you a map and compass, waterproofs and extra layers and ensure your wearing walking boots!

See Backpacking Essentials guide from Outside & Active:

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